Power BI

Gain the Competitive Edge with Power BI and Data Analytics

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By 12.9.2021

If you want to stay ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s vital that your business is able to make data-driven decisions and act on them quickly. With today’s business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools, you’ll gain insights that will help your company stay ahead of trends and identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunity. A robust BI platform can also help you predict future consumer behavior in an increasingly unpredictable world. Make sure you’re making the most of your big data, and turning it into valuable insights you can use as a strategic advantage.

Benefits of BI & Analytics

According to Forbes, in 2020, 54% of enterprises agreed that Cloud-based BI tools were vital to their current and future initiatives. The COVID-19 pandemic further advanced the adoption of BI, as businesses embraced digital transformation, transitioned to remote/hybrid work, and took their marketing and sales efforts online. BI and analytics tools can provide organizations of all sizes with a host of benefits including:

  • Faster, smarter decisions – An earlier Forbes report indicated that businesses who use analytics are 5X faster at making decisions than their counterparts who do not. BI tools leverage machine learning algorithms to quickly gain insights from vast amounts of data, saving your company precious time.
  • Improved Operations Management – Data analysis can help identify opportunities to increase efficiencies, streamline operations, improve workloads, and optimize business processes. Help your team work smarter, not harder.
  • A Single Source of Truth – Disparate data and business siloes prevent visibility into your business as a whole. BI tools gather data from a variety of data sources and present insights
    through a single, centralized platform, giving everyone a reliable, single version of truth.
  • Predict Opportunities – BI tools can rapidly analyze the marketplace and identify industry trends, consumer behaviors and changes in demand to discover opportunities for strategic
    marketing, business expansion, or even product redesign.

The Microsoft Power BI Difference

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based BI platform that creates data-driven opportunities via real-time data integrations, enterprise analytics, and industry-leading AI. Microsoft has been recognized by Gartner as a Magic Quadrant Leader in BI and analytics for 13 years running.

Some of the factors that set Microsoft Power BI apart include:

  • Easy, Seamless Integrations with Microsoft Products – Microsoft is an industry leader for a reason. From Azure to Excel, Microsoft’s array of products provides businesses with end-to-end data management. Additionally, 71% of solution providers prefer Microsoft Azure as their number one vendor. Adding Power BI to your stack helps you to make the most of your
    existing systems.
  • Personalized Dashboards – One of the keys to streamlined analytics is data visualization so that insights can be quickly and accurately understood by a variety of key players. Make sure you are seeing the right data at the right time with fully customizable dashboards that show you what you need to know just how you want it presented.
  • Self-Service for All – You shouldn’t need to be a data scientist to have access to the insights you need. Power BI is designed with robust tools and advanced analytics that make it easy and intuitive for even non-technical employees to use.
  • Take Action – Microsoft takes your BI journey one step further with the option to add Power Apps and Power Automate to your roster, helping you quickly and efficiently act on your insights.
  • Automatic Updates – Modern business intelligence is growing rapidly as the data landscape grows and shifts. The Microsoft team is continually adapting Power BI to ensure it delivers industry-leading insights and performance, and the latest updates are automatically applied so you’ll always be up-to-speed.

Big data is here to stay, but it means very little without strategic analysis. You’ve amassed all that valuable consumer data, but now you must use it. Utilizing a modern BI tool, like Power BI, can help your company understand its data, manage its operations, and make better decisions based on data-driven insights.

To learn more about how your business can make the most of Power BI, visit Dobler Data Solutions. Our team of consultants has unparalleled experience in using the Azure tech stack to make the most of your data, provide value, and take your company to the next level. We’re committed to your success. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.