Power BI

Harness the Power of Power BI

By Peter Dobler 12.9.2021

Power BI can help your organization make the most of your big data investments by connecting to all your data sources, scaling to analyze, share and promote insights, and maintaining accuracy, consistency and security. It helps empower everyone in your business to quickly make data-driven decisions so you can reach your organizational goals.

You should consider Power BI if you are looking to make your analytics process more accessible, simpler, more flexible and intuitive. Power BI provides tools that the non-technical users on your team can use to perform analytics - without having to involve your IT team. You can create easy-to-use models, data visualizations, and dashboards and share them throughout your organization.

Why Choose Power BI?

Power BI is a cloud-based analytics platform consisting of a combination of tools (i.e., visualization, self- service data analysis, etc.) that allows users to connect to multiple data sources—no matter where the data resides—and create clear and custom insights. It easily enables you to create a data-driven culture in your organization, putting the power of AI in everyone’s hands for better decision-making across the board. Power BI consists of many components. Users find some more useful than others depending on their roles in the company. To get the most out of it, you should do your best to ensure all users are informed of the capabilities of each, so everyone can decide for themselves which components are a better fit for the work they need to perform. At Dobler Data Solutions, we can assess your business’ needs to determine what Power BI solution is the best fit for you. Some of their key offerings include:

  • Power BI Desktop – Power BI Desktop allows you to access data from hundreds of supported on-premises and cloud-based sources, such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure SQL DB, Excel, and SharePoint. From there, you can use data modeling tools, leverage the self-service Power Query experience, and provide advanced analytics with the ease familiarity of Microsoft Office. You’ll even be able to use the power of new AI capabilities (with no knowledge of code) to explore your data, identify patterns and predict the future, and share your findings with stunning custom interactive reports. Oh, and did we mention…Power BI Desktop is free!
  • Power BI as a Service – An online SaaS (Software as a Service) that connects to your various data sources and allows users to create dashboards, slice data online, and build reports and other visualizations on the website. This offers all the capabilities of the Desktop version, and much more! Power BI as a service is available in a Pro Model (for self-service analytics) and a Premium Model (which unifies self-service and enterprise BI for more advanced applications).
  • Power BI Mobile Apps – Easily monitor, view, and share Power BI dashboards and reports on any device with Power BI Mobile Apps, which are available on Windows phones and tablets, as well as iOS and Android devices. You’ll have a 360-degree view of all your data and access to the insights you need – anytime and anywhere.

Power BI offers you some of the most powerful business intelligence tools on the market today, delivering great value at low (or no) cost. Give your business leaders access to the analytics and insights they need to thrive in the future without breaking the budget.

To learn more about Power BI and how your business can make the most of it, visit us at Dobler Data Solutions or contact us today! We’re committed to your success.