Microsoft Azure Leads the Industry for Hybrid Cloud Environments

By Peter Dobler 1.20.2022

When you look to choose a data service provider, there are a myriad of reasons to head for the Cloud – and perhaps just as many reasons to opt for Microsoft Azure. Decentralized, cloud-based data centers provide flexibility and scalability to organizations that need to be intentionally strategic in today’s unpredictable economic environment, and Microsoft Azure offers industry-leading, seamless support for hybrid infrastructures that connect on-premise datacenters with the Cloud. While Microsoft Azure is the second largest cloud provider in the country, behind only AWS in revenue and market share, Azure is number one in the hybrid infrastructure market.

Azure Continues to Gain Momentum

Microsoft Azure’s popularity is no accident. Google Cloud has been around for nearly years longer, but has come nowhere close to Azure’ market share. In fact, a recent Statista report, states that in the third quarter of 2021, while Amazon Web Services (AWS), controlled 32% of the entire market, Microsoft Azure takes second place with 21% market share, followed by Google Cloud with a mere 8% market share. AWS enjoyed a 7-year head start on Azure, but that advantage is slipping as Microsoft continues to improve Azure and carve out larger market segments.

Azure’s Hybrid Advantage

Microsoft already had a strong foundation in providing on-premise datacenters for enterprises around the globe, so the move to the Cloud positioned Microsoft to fully embrace and support the hybrid environment model into their infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud environments are ideal for enterprise clients who need to maximize flexibility, security, and scalability while also considering costs. Hybrid infrastructures enable organizations to wade into the waters of IaaS at their own comfort level instead of necessitating a single massive migration project, saving both time and money.

More Development Tools with Azure’s PaaS

Microsoft also offers Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) as well, providing increasingly robust environments and tools for application developers in an integrated dev-ops environment. By empowering their clients to easily test and deploy applications across products, Azure has become a favorite among developers for its ease of use, myriad of tools, and API support.

Microsoft Azure’s flexibility, service, and support, make it a top choice for an increasing number of businesses, and Azure’s position as the leading hybrid cloud provider speaks to their true understanding of the wants and needs of the enterprise community and their dedication to meeting those needs. Formore information about Microsoft Azure and how it can help your enterprise rise above the rest, contact Dobler Data Solutions today.